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Q: What is elmgmt and what do you offer? 

elmgmt is a boutique speaker agency, created by entertainment industry professionals, that focuses on providing full service speaker solutions to event and meeting planners, also referred to as “talent buyers.” We focus on sourcing and recommending speakers for internal events, conferences, meetings, workshop sessions, programs, etc.

Q: I want to book your speakers, where is your roster? 

We focus on serving you as our client and because we are trusted to represent you as the talent buyer, we emphasize on recommending speakers that make the perfect fit for your event. Though we may showcase a few members of our roster of change agents and thought-leaders, we aren’t bound by our obligations to promote any particular speaker. This model allows us to be unbiased in our work and create great relationships with our clients. We prefer to present a highly curated shortlist of speakers based on your needs. To learn more about our comprehensive process, please review in the following question.

Q: I’m new to this world, can you explain the process?

Our strategy involves an intricate 10-step process created to best serve your speaker needs.

  1. Inquire: Once we receive your initial correspondence, we book a discovery call to learn more about your event goals. Questions that we may ask are based on the 5 W’s: “who, what, when, where, and why.” From there, we’ll get to understand what your desired budget is and all other wish-list items you may have.
  2. Research: Now that we understand your request, elmgmtgets back to the drawing board to research our network of 1000s of speakers. To increase success from our recommendations, we analyze potential speakers with our 20-point assessment, which is used to measure analytics like relevance, tonality, impact, expertise, and more. The overall assessment score is provided in our proposal for your review.
  3. Curation: We create a short-list of 4-5 speakers who we firmly believe will deliver an informative, inspirational, educational session to your audience. This makes it easier for you, as a busy event planner, to decease time expenditure on research and increase efficiency.
  4. Proposal + Recommendation: After the curation process is complete, we prepare a thorough proposal with our professional recommendations on speakers we feel will not just meet, but exceed your expectations.
  5. Acceptance + Confirmation: After the proposal is reviewed and primary and secondary speakers are selected, we present the opportunity to the Speaker at which point it is reviewed and accepted. Once confirmed, the  agreement, which outlines all expectations and details pertaining to your event, is executed. Our team is prepared to offer additional support, if necessary, to ensure that the contract includes all appropriate clauses and terms. Depending on the Speaker, you may be obligated to pay 50% deposit to secure the hold.
  6. Speaker Preparation: We coordinate a preliminary briefing call between you and the speaker to ensure that all instructions and requests are communicated.
  7. Logistics: We manage the details of the speaker’s engagement including itinerary and travel. We are also prepared to resolve cancellations or delays to minimize last minute issues.
  8. Standby Support: On the day of the event, we are on standby to make sure that the everything goes according to plan and schedule. In certain cases, we can be on-site to offer additional in-person support.
  9. Results: Our speaker delivers an impactful, inspiring, and educational session and your audience is left with a feeling of excitement and satisfaction. A job well done by our incredible team.
  10. Follow up: We book a postliminary call with you to gather feedback on our performance and discuss future opportunities – a partnership we believe will last for years to come.

Q: How do you choose which speakers to recommend?

elmgmtuses a 20 point assessment to measure analytics like relevance, tonality, impact, expertise, and more. This assessment is our “secret sauce” to determining the potential success of our speakers at your event. We serve you as an event planner and don’t act in the bias interest of our speakers. 

Q: I have no idea which speaker is the right one for my event, can you help?

Yes. Our comprehensive and proven 10-step process takes the guesswork out of choosing the right speaker for your event. If you don’t know where to begin, a good start would be filling out our inquiry form and we’ll go from there.

Q: What should I include in the speaker’s budget?

Things to include in a speaker’s budget should be: speaker’s fees plus expenses, which include things like hotel accommodations, flight, out-of-pocket expenses like transportation and meals. Travel and lodging expenses are typically added in addition to the speaker’s fee.

Q: How much does a speaker cost?

Starting fees for our speakers are $5,000 and can go up to $100,000+ depending on your request. We do not recommend in-kind or free speakers.

Q: What’s the difference between an exclusive and non-exclusive bureau

As a primarily non-exclusive agency, we maintain close relationships with our talent buyers and aim to serve them, first. Though we also have great relationships with the speakers we recommend, we maintain a non bias relationship to ensure we are offering the very best speakers to our trusted clients.

Q: I’d like to secure a non-paid, in-kind speaker, where should I look?

At this time, we do not offer this service but do encourage you to post your event on to solicit free speakers.

Q: I can’t find the speaker I’m looking for on your website.

No worries! We typically co-broker speakers with other agencies, even exclusive ones. If you don’t see a speaker on our site, it doesn’t mean that we can’t find them. Tell us more about who you’re looking for by filling out our inquiry form.

Q: Where do I inquire about availability and fee of a speaker I’m interested in?

Send us a note! Let us know who you’re looking for by contacting us at or filling out our inquiry form.

Q: How do your fees work? Are there upfront costs?

We don’t charge upfront for our services with our clients. All of our fees are baked in to the speaker’s fee and are only due once we execute our partnership.

Q: Are your speakers available for virtual events?

Yes! All of our speakers are prepared to give dynamic virtual presentations and often times at a reasonable discount.

Q: I’m looking for a panelist, workshop facilitator, or an emcee, do your speakers do that, too? 

Yes! Our speakers are dynamic and can deliver presentations based on your event needs.

Q: Are speaker’s fees negotiable?

Our speaker’s fees are determined by the speakers themselves. If there is opportunity for a discount, the speaker will decide. This is often discussed on a case-by-case basis.

Q: Where do I go to get started?

Get started by reaching out to us here! We look forward to hearing from you!

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