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KAYLA SOLINSKY is the Founder, Head of School, and Director of Partnerships for Macbeth Academy, Inc. an accredited, online independent school, for grades K12, based in Irvine, California.

As an educator and advocate for personalized education for the past eleven years, Solinsky has dedicated her career to improving equitable access to education technology (edtech) for students of all backgrounds, currently serving over 1,000 students globally. Through forward-thinking logistical strategies, Kayla has helped school districts, parents, and students adapt to the rapidly evolving landscape of online education and continues to make strides for urban, rural, public, and private schools across the US and Canada.

Solinsky’s career as a virtual educational leader has been defined by improving equity, inclusion, and access for all children using education technology. Kayla was called to found Macbeth Academy after recognizing a need for students to receive excellent education that was highly engaging and empowering. Unparalleled levels of virtual student engagement and increased attendance inspired Solinsky to develop engagement models for schools around the country to improve K12 hybrid and virtual education programs.

Solinsky is a proud Gates Millennium Scholar, as well as a graduate of Stanford University, University of Pittsburgh, and University of California San Diego. Mrs. Solinsky is currently working toward a doctorate in education with a focus on Instructional Technology and Distance Education. She is researching the impacts of early access to education technology for traditionally disadvantaged students in low-income areas.

Solinsky works to level the playing field for students using education technology. In short, Solinsky believes that, with the right plans in place, education technology has the power to make education equitable and engaging for students.

Solinsky currently works with school districts across the US and Canada to support virtual education programs.  Mrs. Solinsky and her national team of innovative educators are currently partnering with urban, suburban, and rural school districts as a provider of research-based virtual training materials for the core content areas and education technology themed professional development for teachers, school leaders, central office personnel, state departments of education, colleges & universities, and professional organizations.

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