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“If you want blessings for yourself…be one to others. Some people call it “Win, Win” others call it ‘Karma.’ What is certain is the importance of establishing authentic, meaningful and genuine relationships is the secret ingredient of successful companies across the globe. Being Relational instead of Transactional is the key for any organizations wishing to thrive and not just survive.” -Thierry Lindor

With 18+  years of experience in the Quebec Entrepreneurship Scene and G20 Official Canadian Delegate, Thierry Lindor has founded and built numerous communities that have organically grown into successful companies. Focusing on a fan base that allows testing markets, trends and consumer-behavior before launching companies has been a big part of Thierry’s business success.

“In both your professional and personal life, you can focus on Transactions and go fast or build Relations and go far, said Thierry Lindor, founder, and CEO of Influence Orbis, a modern media company specialized in marketing experience. “The way we do things differently at Influence Orbis is by focusing on the community behind your organization. We strive to get to know and meet people from your audience to get to know their perspectives and concerns before a single piece of content or ad is created. We do not cut any corners in getting to know the people that matter most to you.”

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